Many Voices. One Unified Vision

Students on the Ohio Regional Campus of Southeastern, met in Columbus for a Dreaming Session on December 12th, after the end of the fall semester to dream with campus administration and staff about the growing campus. This was the beginning of a three day Dreaming Session.

Executive Director, Dave Pafford noted that, “It’s important that today’s non-profits consider their civic and social duty extends beyond an investment of time, talent and treasure to include voice. This campus is always going to have a listening ear to the voice of students as we engage today’s culture and collectively shape the imagination, skills and values of Christian leaders.”

The title of the documents and events produced were entitled “What’s Next for SEU Ohio?”

The documents produced are both a wish list and road map for the future development and infrastructure needs of the University’s Regional Campus.

Some of the results of the dreaming note:

  • A desire for Additional Digital Tools, cameras, software.
  • A desire for intramural sports
  • A desire for additional development in the music department
  • Several additional student life developments

Spring Semester begins on January 9th2019.