Financial Aid

College is one of the most important investments you will make in your life — which is why we’re committed to keeping higher education at Southeastern University affordable and accessible.

Fast Facts

The SEU Ohio Network Campus has some of most affordable programs in the region


  • Costs similar to public tuition rates
  • Most students will receive financial aid
  • One of the most affordable private college options in the region
  • Thousands of jobs across Columbus

Tuition and Fees

The SEU Ohio Network Campus is one of the most affordable programs in the state. Click here for information on tuition.

Price vs. Cost

Attending a Christian university is a worthwhile investment that far outweighs the risks of attending a public school. Click here for more information on Price vs. Cost. 

Affordable Payment Options

Southeastern’s affordable monthly payment plans are available to all students and families, regardless of need or financial standing. Why make a large payment each semester or borrow federal funds at high interest rates when you can spread your educational expenses over a 10- or 12-month period? There is no approval process, and the only cost required is a $65 annual enrollment fee.

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