Due to the generosity of individual donors and churches, the regional campus of Southeastern University in Ohio now offers scholarships for students in Fine Arts, an Assemblies of God youth ministry program. These scholarships are for students going to college at the regional campus of Southeastern University in Ohio.

Students must provide proof of certificate to the regional campus of SEU in Ohio. Starting for applicants to the fall 2018, first time or transfer undergraduate on-campus students enrolled full-time (12 hours per semester) who have competed in the Assemblies of God Fine Arts Program are eligible for scholarships. Only National Fine Arts official “senior” categories are eligible for scholarships. Fine Arts junior categories and exhibition categories do not qualify.

Application and verification must be submitted by July 15 for the fall enrollment to be eligible. (Students competing in the summer after their senior year in high school may submit documents after the National Fine Arts Convention.) Applicant criteria includes acceptance as a student at SEU and the maintaining of satisfactory academic progress as a full-time student. Applicants must also submit a photocopy of each award certificate. If no certificate is available, the district must submit verification.

Scholarship Amounts
• Network/District –Superior w/ Invitation in any category (36-40 points): a one-time $500
• Network/District – Award of Merit in any category: a one-time $750
• Network/District – Superior w/ Invitation in Songwriting, Christian Band, Guitar, Piano: a one-time $1000
• National – Top Ten in Christian Band, Songwriting, Guitar, Piano or String solo: $4,000 (spread over 2 years)

There are limitations. Please make your application to qualify.