As the campus develops so do the activities associated with growth. One of those activities includes sports. Now intramural sports can be difficult to launch, especially if not enough people are available. Well, as we enter into our third year here at SEU Ohio, I am pleased to announce we finally have our own SEU Ohio Athletics department! Run by a new transfer student, Sam Goss, intramural sports take place weekly for all of us students here at SEU Ohio. 

I sat down to interview Sam about the task of planning weekly sporting events and what it has been like. Here’s a bit of what he had to say. 


Me: What made you want to get Fire Athletics started here?
Sam: I saw an opportunity to grow SEU Ohio and I took it. 

M: Was it daunting stepping into the role of “sports guy”, especially as a transfer student?

S: No, it was the only thing I was familiar with. It was refreshing being able to have that to lean on coming into a new environment. 

M: How did the other student leaders treat you?

S: The other leaders supported me and were there and continue to be there to have my back. 

M: How do you go about planning one of our Fire Athletic events?

S: I ask the students. I want them to have fun doing something that they love. 

M: I know it’s only been a few weeks, but how have you seen sports grow at SEU Ohio so far?

S: I’ve seen more and more people joining into the events and getting involved.

M: How has athletics affected the community and atmosphere?

S: It connects people in an environment that they aren’t always used to. Meaning, they’re not behind a desk or listening to someone at a desk. They’re not at a church getting poured into. It gives them the opportunity to connect with people around them without the stress of responsibility.

M: What has been your favorite part of leading sports?

S: Being able to have fun. Sports has always been a part of my life and it will continue to be a part of my life. The fact that I get to participate and run sports in college has always been a goal of mine that I get to see be achieved now. I’m doing something that I love in an environment I enjoy.

M: Where would you like to continue to see it grow?

S: Obviously, upwards. Eventually, having our own sports field would be nice, especially if we keep growing the way that SEU Ohio is right now.

M: Finally, would you want sports teams in the future?

S: Yes. No. Maybe. Possibly in the future. But I don’t see that happening in the next few years (but maybe one day). 


Second year student Todd Nyerges, a self-described avid sports fanatic, comments on the addition of intramural sports by saying, “Sports is a good team building exercise, for sure. We get to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a new environment.” One of our freshmen, Seth Poore, agrees that sports helps build community by saying it has helped him “make better friendships (through competition) for my first year in a new place.”

Sports is also a great way for us to just relax for a little while, even if it is only an hour or so. Todd adds, “I love having it every Thursday because it lets us forget about the stress of homework for a little bit and focus on having fun together. It helps us focus on our sanity.” 

From a female perspective (besides my own), Angelee Lapish told me about her favorite sport so far.

“Surprisingly, it was Spikeball!” she laughs. “When you mix the teams up,” she quickly adds, “so you’re not with the same people all the time.” Some of the sports that have been played so far are Spikeball, kickball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball and soccer. When asked how adding sports this year has been different from last year, Angelee says, “Last year was here and there playing basketball, so it’s nice to have a set time every week to be outside being active.”

Adding sports has been a hit so far among the students! We have loved getting to come together, compete a little bit (or a lot!) and just release some energy. 

Abigail Stout, SEU Ohio Student Leader.