SEU Ohio is proud to announce our first student to graduate with an Associate Degree: Katelynn Wade. I took
some time to speak with Kate about her educational journey with SEU Ohio and also what she
plans to do next.
Me: Tell me about your educational journey and why you chose SEU Ohio.
Kate: My educational journey has been, well…a journey. From changing my major on more than
one occasion to changing schools, I would say that God has brought me on a great journey to
help me find what my purpose in this life is. The reasoning I landed at SEU Ohio was because
of a close friend of mine, Ana Schmidt, and my pastor, John Baich. My friend, Ana, attends SEU Ohio and
she told how great it is and the great things the Ohio campus has to offer. I was previously attending
Liberty University Online, and when I found out that Southeastern University had a campus in Columbus, I thought
it would be a good idea to look into it. Pastor John was also very encouraging and helped me
make the first steps towards SEU Ohio.
M: What do you do currently?
K: Well, I am currently a full time employee at Jarrett Logistics, and I have also been the
Children’s Director at my Church, Abundant Life in Millersburg, for a year now. Let’s just say
that I don’t have much free time.
M: What do you see yourself doing in the future with your degree?
K: I plan to use my degree to further grow as a leader within my church, while helping others
grow as well. I plan to use what I have learned to minister to children, church members,
and anyone who is willing to listen.
M: What is the biggest thing you learned about yourself and about God through your classes at
SEU Ohio?
K: It took me a while to understand why God would bring me on this long journey. I have
attended three different colleges and changed my major four times. Some have told me I am
crazy and that I wasted money, but in my heart I know it was God’s plan the entire time. Through
each change, my passion for working with children and my passion for Christ grew stronger and
stronger. I learned who I am and what plans God has for me. I would have never thought that I
would be the Children’s Director at my church, but now I know that this was God’s plan all
along. My favorite course from Southeastern University was my family ministry course. My heart grew so much
through this course, and through God I want to develop a family ministry within my own church.
My passion for working with kids, family, and Christ has never been stronger.
M: Do you have any wisdom or encouragement for incoming students?
K: Be proactive and be organized. Keep a planner and organize your assignments.
M: What’s next?
K: Pursuing my passion for children’s ministry. I’m not sure where that’s going to take me, but
we’ll see.
Congratulations, Kate! All of us at SEU Ohio are very proud of you! We cannot wait to see
where God takes you next.


Abigail Stout, SEU Ohio Student Leader