Please let me give you a short introduction to the SEU Ohio Network Campus.

Over the last two years, leadership conversations were related to a growing realization that, while Ohio needed to engage educational programs in collaboration with institutions who had “fully accredited programs.”

We noted that even in our high tech world with multi-sites and video conferencing. Geography discriminates and defines our relationships. This is especially true of the Christian University experience. College often defines. Your ministry/business friendships and relationship. Your first serious job.

Where one goes to school heavily influences where they initiate ministry, whatever that ministry (minister, missionary or marketplace) may be. There has always been a symbiotic relationship between the Christ-centered University, the Church and other requisite organizations.

After conducting feasibility studies with Education Management Services and getting significant buy-in from our organization we are partnered with Southeastern University. We affirmed that we indeed shared a collective desire to equip students, keeping programs affordable and accessible to those willing to go through the rigors of their desired program.

Pending state authorization, we will launch with two programs initially in the fall of 2017. These include Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership as well as in Ministerial Leadership. We will launch other sustainable and market-driven programs in the following years in collaboration.


Ultimately we are here to serve students so that they find their rightful place in the kingdom of God.

I’m looking forward to the fall.


Dave Pafford, M.A., MBA