Since 2012, SEU has not raised the undergraduate tuition rate, keeping it at $275 per credit hour, while the average 10-year college tuition rate has increased about 5% per year. SEU is raising the undergraduate tuition rate to $295 per credit hour effective this fall, which will raise tuition for the typical regional campus student approximately $480 per academic year.

Ohio Network Lowers Costs: Total Tuition + Housing = $20 lower (beginning Fall 2019)

The Ohio Network provides a benefit of student housing as an option for SEU Ohio students who wish to live near campus. As a result of the tuition increase, the Ohio Network is decreasing the cost of the housing for Ohio Network students that will more than offset the rise in the SEU tuition rate. Effective fall of 2019, the housing rate will be $5,400 for the year—a decrease of $500 for the typical student in the apartments.