Dual Enrollment at Southeastern University

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to earn college credit while also completing their high school requirements. Southeastern University discounts the dual enrollment tuition rate to $50/credit hour. Classes are available in-person and online.

  • Step 1:  Apply for dual enrollment admission to the Ohio regional campus and Southeastern University.
  • Step 2:  Meet with an SEU Ohio academic adviser.  Contact: Mary Harmison (mdharmison@seu.edu) or Travis Sheffler (tesheffler@seu.edu).
  • Step 3:  Complete the Dual Enrollment Agreement Form.
  • Step 4:  Order your books and begin your classes.

Ohio College Credit Plus (CCP) is coming to SEU Ohio in fall semester 2020!

  • To qualify for CCP, you must apply for funding from the state of Ohio annually on or before April 1st.  Click here for Ohio CCP information.
  • After you apply for CCP funding, follow dual enrollment steps 1-4 above to get started.
Dual Enrollment
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Classical Conversations Plus at Southeastern University

Southeastern University has partnered with Classical Conversations Plus (CC+) since 2015 to provide an opportunity for homeschooled students to earn college credit through concurrent enrollment and a direct assessment model.

  • CC+ is both a homeschool curriculum company and a homeschooling community for K-12 students.
  • SEU has approved opportunities for CC+ students to earn college credit. By submitting their assignments online to professors for direct assessment at a college level, the program differs from dual enrollment while still providing college credit.
  • CC+ students have access to the same online tutoring services of SEU students.
  • Similar to dual enrollment, CC+ provides the opportunity to build relationships with potential future students at your site.
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