The regional campus of Southeastern University in Ohio now offers minors in Business, Children’s Ministry, Communication, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Missions and Evangelism, Pastoral Leadership, Psychology, Organizational Leadership, and Youth Ministry. At this time, minors are offered in an online only format.

Students enrolled in live and evening formats with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership and a Bachelor of Science may elect to use their free elective requirement to pursue a minor. All minors are 18 hours.

So as long as a student has a minimum of 18 hours left in their free elective requirement, they will not net any additional hours to their degree. The only caveat is that practicum credits fill free elective requirements up to 24 hours. So, for example a brand new freshman pursuing the BSMLX degree (which requires 33 free elective hours), 24 hours of practicum and 18 hours of a minor would net an additional 9 hours to the program.

While students will already have to pay for 9 hours of free electives (since practicum only covers 24 of 33 required hours – a scholarship benefit of the partnership based on to the student), adding an 18 hour minor will add an additional 9 hours of tuition in expenses.

Making a minor decision can make a major difference.