Project Description

Associate of Ministerial Leadership

The Associate in Ministerial Leadership allows students to build, refine, and expand their ministry skills while ensuring a broad, robust foundation in theology, the Bible, spiritual development, church ministry, leadership principles, and ecclesiastical operations. Students satisfy the credentialing requirements of the Assemblies of God as part of the program. All courses are transferable into SEU’s Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership.

Program Details

12 hours of ministerial leadership studies   & 18 hours of biblical and theological studies
18 hours of general education core
12 hours of ministry practicum

Total credit hours — 60

Sample Core Courses

Biblical Hermeneutics (BIBL 2623) — A course designed to familiarize the student with the science and interpretation as related to the biblical text. Emphasis is placed on the principles of exegesis, particularly the interpretation of Scripture in light of its historical, grammatical, and theological content. This course required careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate Biblical texts.

Theology of Salvation, The Church, & Eschatology (THEO 3133) — This course examines sin (origin, nature, and implications) and salvation, the church (nature and mission), and the fulfillment of the purposes of God (physical death, resurrection, second coming, final destiny). Special attention is given to the doctrinal statements of the Assemblies of God.

Principles of Ethics (PHIL 2003) — An examination of moral and social conduct and decision making in light of biblical and theological teaching. Contemporary ethical issues are addressed.

Christian Spirituality (PMIN 2123) — The course is designed to help students understand and engage in spiritual growth and cultivate their personal relationships with God. The course addresses such areas as prayer, Bible study, fellowship, trials, the grace of God, and the need to be obedient to God. Students will also become acquainted with various perspectives on spiritual life from the area of historical theology. This course requires careful study and reflection on appropriate biblical texts.

Homiletics I (PMIN 3133) — This course is designed to prepare students with sermon construction, engaging the significance of preaching, the use of Scripture, intention, sermon structure, logical movement of main ideas, illustrations, introductions, conclusion, picturesque language, variety, and types of sermons. The overall approach uses expository methods for narrative passages and topics. This course requires careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.

Holistic Disciplemaking (PMIN 4043) — This course explores biblical and practical methods of helping persons grow to spiritual maturity and integrate into the life of the local church. Topics covered include assimilation, small group leadership, teaching methods, principles of teaching, lay ministry recruitment, training, supervision, and spiritual direction. This course requires careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.