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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice provides curriculum and practical experiences designed to help develop students and practitioners with critical and analytical skills to promote the administration of justice in a diverse and global society. This program equips students with a thorough understanding of criminal justice systems and theories, and the historical foundation of criminal justice. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to allow students to explore the various agencies, personnel roles, and career opportunities available in the criminal justice field.   

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Program Details

15 hours of intellectual and practical skills
19 hours of engaging human culture and the natural world
13 hours of spiritual formation
36 hours of criminal justice major core
28 hours of general electives

Total credit hours — 120

Sample Core Courses

Essentials of Business Law (BBUS 3403) — This course introduces the legal principles and US court system which applies to normal business transactions including contracts, torts, property, business structure, and important employment laws.

Introduction To Crime Scene Investigations (CRIM 2223) —This course provides an overview of crime scene response. Students will have the opportunity to perform hands-on exercises utilizing techniques performed by crime scene investigators to include sketching and photographing crime scenes, writing reports, collecting and packaging evidence, processing scenes and evidence for latent prints, and courtroom testimony. Advanced crime scene processing techniques will also be demonstrated.

Criminal Justice System (CRIM 3103) —This course covers the origin, evolution, and daily operation of the criminal justice system in our society. Relationships between the police, courts, and corrections elements are studied, as well as how the United States’ system differs from other nations. The relationship between the specific stages of the crime-control process is also covered.

Sociology Of Policing (CRIM 3203) —This course will cover the evolution and structure of policing in United States society with special attention to conflicts and imperatives which define police officers’ roles and the character of police work.