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Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership

Maybe you are called to pastor an entire congregation—or you have a passion for children’s ministry, missions, or another part of the body of Christ.  Either way, Southeastern’s ministerial leadership degree is designed to prepare you to serve in leadership and supporting roles at churches and other faith-based organizations around the world.  Study online through our MyFire course portal or come to our amazing Ohio campus once per week for evening classes.  Not only will you study foundational subjects such as theology and church history but you will also specialize in your particular calling.  You’ll develop a solid foundation of biblical interpretation, counseling, and preaching as well as satisfy the educational requirements for credentialing within the Assemblies of God.  In addition, you will study alongside faculty who have decades of practical ministry experience and are committed to sharing their knowledge and passion for ministry with you and your classmates.

Satisfy the educational requirements for credentialing within the Assemblies of God.

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Program Details

34 hours of ministerial leadership core
21 hours of biblical and theological studies
37 hours of general education
29 hours of electives

Total credit hours — 121

Sample Core Courses

Pastoral Theology I (PMIN 3533) — This course is an introduction to creative and effective communication techniques within children’s and youth ministries. It will examine basic principles of the teaching-learning process, the art of storytelling and a variety of other illustrative methods. This course requires careful study of and reflection on the appropriate biblical texts.

Organizational Leadership (PMIN 3833) — A theology of leadership is developed upon which current trends in church organization and leadership techniques are assessed. The history of organizational and management theory is developed, as well as organization, leadership and group process theories. Planning, programming, budgeting and evaluation are considered in relation to congregational programs. Other areas of management are presented on an introductory basis, such as planning and managing change in an organization, systems analysis, conflict management and review of leadership traits. This course requires careful study of and reflection on the appropriate biblical texts.

Church Business Administration (PMIN 4323) — A study of the various areas of pastoral responsibilities including board administrations and organizations, committee organization, leadership training, budgeting, financing, planning, auxiliary organizations and their relationship to total church program. This course requires careful study of and reflection on the appropriate biblical texts.

Multiple-Staff Ministry (PMIN 4423) — The meaning and forms of a multiple-staff ministry will be developed on biblical values, with the objectives of creating effective multiple-staff ministries and staff collegiality. The course assists the participant in the development of concepts and values that leads to commitments of shared ministry. Ways of dealing with concerns and issues that created conflict and interfere with staff collegiality are examined.

  • Ministerial Leadership Core CoursesPrinciples of EthicsChristian SpiritualityEvangelism and MissionStudent Ministry Practicum I and IIHomiletics IPastoral Theology IOrganizational LeadershipHolistic DisciplemakingPastoral Counseling IChurch Business AdministrationMultiple-Staff Ministry


  • Biblical and Theology StudiesChrist, Culture and the UniversityNew Testament SurveyOld Testament SurveyBiblical HermeneuticsI and II CorinthiansTheology and God and HumanityTheology of Salvation, the Church and Eschatology
  • Pastoral Ministry MinorHomiletics IIPractical Theology of the LaityPastoral Counseling II
  • Concentration in Children’s MinistryChildren’s MinistryEvangelizing and Discipling ChildrenFamily MinistryCreative Communication in MinistryPastoral Care of FamiliesSpiritual Formation of Families
  • Concentration in Youth MinistryCreative Communication in MinistryFamily MinistryYouth MinistriesPastoral Care of FamiliesSpiritual Formation of FamiliesYouth Ministry Evangelism and DiscipleshipSport Business Capstone
Youth pastor

Children’s pastor

Missions coordinator

Evangelism and outreach coordinator

Lead pastor

Associate pastor

Parachurch ministry director

Bible study leader

Children, Youth & Family Ministries
Ministerial Leadership
Missional Ministries
Multidisciplinary Studies
Practical Ministries
Church Plant U (MAML)
Executive Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership
Master of Arts (Theological Studies)
Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership
Master of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry