Project Description

Our Urban ministry site involves both a full time / service faith based non-profit and an Urban church. We have a variety of programs that impact kids,youth, and adults living in the inner city. Students who seek internship with us will be involved in every aspect of urban ministry and will help to expand our capacity and outreach to the community. Some activities will include urban youth ministry, street evangelism, church collaborative efforts,transportation ministry, sports ministry, adopt a block neighborhood clean ups, and special “Big Days”. They will also help us to develop the church in the areas of programming, pastoral care, technological development, community impact teams, music / worship, and benevolence ministry. There are many open doors for our ministry in our city but we are limited by the need for ministry partners directly & indirectly. We will work our hardest to help utilize interns to expand our capacity and programs and to also give them a comprehensive experience in Urban Ministry.