Price vs. Cost

Attending a Christian university is a worthwhile investment that far outweighs the risks of attending a public school. At the Ohio SEU Campus, we firmly believe that our campus culture and commitment to integrating faith into our classrooms helps students not only to maintain their faith but also to make it stronger. Steve Henderson, founder and president of Christian Consulting Inc., has decades of experience studying the differences between the two and presents the following research.

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There is a significantly higher graduation rate in four years for undergraduate students attending Christian universities versus other institutions. While students attending Christian schools graduate in about 4.5 years, those at public institutions take approximately 6.2 — nearly two years more.


More than 52% of born-again freshmen entering public universities won’t identify themselves as born-again four years later or will have not attended any religious service in more than a year.

By completing their studies two years, earlier, Christian university graduates can enter the job force and get a head start on paying off student loans.