The Friday and Saturday of April 5 and 6, Southeastern University Ohio Network Campus welcomed 40 high school students and their parents onto the campus for a weekend of fun, new friendships, and information.

The second annual College Days, hosted by SEU ONC, was a great time for us current students to interact with perspective students and really make connections. I felt so honored to be able to represent my school and speak about my own experiences here. It was so cool to watch the prospective students come in with wide eyes and so much curiosity. One visiting high school student who came, Loralynne Rowland, told me, “I didn’t even know what SEU was until the worship band came to my church lock-in. I thought I was going to Cleveland State and that was the end of it, but God was putting SEU on my heart to check it out. I went home, looked up SEU Ohio, and found out it had everything I was looking for in a college—like business entrepreneurship. I scheduled a visit for College Days and came not expecting much. But when we actually got into the session and we started to worship, I felt God say, ‘Here. Go here.’ My favorite part by far was meeting the students and faculty; everyone was so nice and caring.”  It is connections like this that left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside after College Days.

During the weekend, I and some of the other residential students had the honor of hosting prospective students in our apartments, and I can personally say that it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. To get the chance to speak with them and learn who they really are and not what they think I expect them to say was so rich and genuine. I got to ask the girls who stayed in my room about why they came to visit and what God was teaching them. Seeing them away from their parents, I got to see them break out of their shells.

Along with that, College Days visitors attended information sessions on financial aid, the kinds of degrees programs and classes we offer, and what is near us in the Columbus area. The majority of our breakout sessions were student-led, such as the practicum breakout session which touched on a few of the different kinds of internships we offer here at SEU Ohio for college credit. First year student, Angelee Lapish said, “My favorite part, unexpected as I thought, was being a part of the breakout sessions on Saturday morning! It was awesome to get to share about our practicums and answer questions from prospective students and parents.” Student leaders also presented the “next step” process in applying to SEU Ohio.

Our SEU Ohio worship team, with the help of Calla Domine, led us into God’s presence in beautiful worship sessions, before Jayme Montera brought the Word! Lapish, also a member of the worship team, went on to say, “College Days was awesome! It was cool to get to lead potential future students into worship and see their response…Overall, a great weekend, and I cannot wait to see some of those students next year!”

She sums it up perfectly: a great weekend. The future of SEU Ohio is bright, and I am so thankful for our leaders who trust us to grow future leaders to come after us. I cannot wait to see what this next year brings us.

Abigail Stout, SEU Ohio Student Leader