The Summer Leadership Experience powered by SEU Ohio.

The summer leadership experience is about life in community. The experience starts June 3 and ends August 1 and takes place at Kenyon Square Apartment.
Participate as an intern with Ohio Youth Ministries, Ohio Kidmin, or intern at other Columbus area churches.  Join other high school and college students, who are coming for the summer. It’s a great experience in a safe, positive environment. Did we mention free Starbucks in the mornings?
You may be part of several weeks of camp. (You’ll sleep there during your camp). You will be staying at Kenyon Square during the other weeks (including weekends). Or you might be a college student from another college doing an internship at a church in Columbus. Here’s a great (inexpensive) housing option for you and them to consider. Read about the details below:


As part of the experience, SEU Ohio Campus leadership will be providing several community events including hosting several community dinners for participants, a pool party with steaks on the pad, a game night with several card games, bowling at Star Lanes, and renting the Kenyon Square theater for two movie nights. All of those community events ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

The cost is $500 per participant which includes a $150 nonrefundable application fee for securing your spot in an apartment. We require the full $500 before the start date.
(There are spots for 5 students per apartment. These are luxury style apartments which include full kitchen and laundry functions. Please visit our student housing page for details on the apartments).

You must be between the ages of 16-23 to participate. You must also have a valid drivers license.

Current SEU Students who wish to live in the SEU Ohio apartments must have all housing payments for the prior years housing and a $500 payment for summer rent due prior to May 1. Exceptions may be made for students making consistent payments.



The city lifestyle includes luxury apartments and restaurants within walking distance from SEU Ohio Network Campus.  In addition to Polaris mall, a recreation center and a farmer’s market-style grocery store are a just short drive away.  Select the buttons below to explore what’s in store for you at Southeastern University Ohio Network Campus.