Several ministry leaders from Ohio were able to visit with thousands and thousands of pastors and leaders in Tanzania, a country on the east coast of Africa. The team of 45 people was divided and visited several church plants and Christian colleges throughout the country. They witnessed ministers leading people and planting churches across the country.

Executive Director Dave Pafford was at the Northern Bible College in Arusha, Tanzania. He was able to share with the college students and faculty about the generosity of our network of churches in helping establish one of the Tanzanian Bible Colleges in 2015. And how we believed this lead into the establishment of our Ohio regional campus Southeastern University.

In the afternoon, Director Pafford and Pastor Chris Gross went to where several of the Maasai (male and female) are pastoring new church plants and a new Bible College is being finished. (And yes there were zebras and other things on the property.) We asked the pastor what would happen if they were to have a building and he said that the congregation would grow by 200 almost overnight. Then we asked him how much that would take. And he said $2000. That’s it? We have given our SEU Ohio students opportunity to give to this congregation as part of an overall effort to gift $120,000 to the Tanzania efforts to develop Bible Colleges and new churches.

Above is a picture of that congregation we are sponsoring: