This year on August 21, 2020, students moved in once again. This year, though, move-in looked a little different. The apartment halls were not bustling and there was no early morning housing orientation. High fives in the halls were scarce this year, and masks covered the smiling faces of the students. Alternatively, there was laughter to be heard from the next room over, and “Can I help you carry that?” echoed through every stairwell. Kindness and encouragement filled every social distance there was. The sense of community was as strong as ever. The day started with a rolling check-in instead of an orientation. Each student was greeted personally by the staff and then was helped to his or her room by student leaders. “I was expecting a few more trips, but with all the hands we were done so incredibly fast,” beamed Brenna Restivo, a first-year student on campus this year. After move-in came welcome week. The days were filled with activities such as a Hawaiian luau, a group trip to the zoo, and a floor party with a scavenger hunt. Though classes began on the 26th, the fun had just begun. The week ended with the launch of Fire Athletics, which was bustling with a wide variety of sports, a food truck, and excited joy. “It almost feels like I’m still in welcome week,” laughs Katie Cunningham, who had been enrolled online but is enjoying her first year on campus. “It has been so crazy and so fun, it’s hard to believe we’re already two weeks in.” Though this year has looked different, the community here at SEU Ohio has not changed. “I was worried I wouldn’t fit in because I’m a little older, but I have been welcomed with open arms. Most of the time, I think I’m the only one who even thinks about it,” says Rebecca Stevens, one of our new leaders on campus. We are so eager to welcome everyone to our SEU Ohio family for this new and exciting school year.